Transplantoux is an organization run by patients, health care providers, and other stakeholders to promote physical activity in transplant recipients’ daily life.

By pursuing a healthy physically active lifestyle, transplant recipients express their respect and gratitude to their donor.

Transplantoux encourages transplant recipients to actively embrace their new lives, with new challenges and opportunities.

At times by trial and error, but never alone.

Our story

After his kidney transplantation, Lucien had a dream: to climb Mont Ventoux by bike.

Professor Diethard Monbaliu made him a promise. If Lucien climbed Mont Ventoux, he would accompany him. This way, a dream became a project that grew into a biennial sporting challenge for transplant recipients, their families and friends, sympathizers and companions.

In 2008, Transplantoux (Transplantatie + Mont Ventoux) was founded. 

Mont Ventoux is the figurative mountain that we can all bump into in our lives. The organ donor did not succeed in overcoming his mountain, but gives the transplant recipient a chance. The mountain is a symbol and also a challenge.

At present, Transplantoux organizes sporting activities throughout the year at everyone’s level such as walking, cycling, triathlons… 

By exercising together regularly we keep our bodies and minds healthy.  
During various events, gathering and sociability are the central point.



Organ donation is the foundation on which the new life of many people rests. To give as many people as possible a second chance, Transplantoux wants to permanently RAISE AWARENESS around organ donation and organ transplantation, with respect for the donor who gives his life.

That is why Transplantoux wants to MOTIVATE transplant recipients to live a healthy life, exercise and practice sports. Within Transplantoux, the motivation to practice sports and exercise in a healthy way translates itself in playing sports together with fellow sufferers and sympathizers. These sporting activities can be organized both locally and during larger events.

Multidisciplinary research is necessary to improve long-term results after organ transplantation. Transplantoux is devoted to STIMULATE scientific research and also ensures that its results are published and diffused.

Transplantoux wants to CONNECT people. Transplantoux brings fellow sufferers, family, friends as well as the donor’s family and his environment together. They are united in their motivation to stay healthy, exercise together, practice sports together and show respect for the donor who gave his life.

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Our own scientific research shows that their physical condition improves after participating in only one Mont Ventoux campaign, but that this only has a temporary effect. That is why encouraging people to continue exercising remains one of our most important messages. ​

Membership benefits


“I find it beautiful to witness how transplant recipients seize their new life with both hands and show their gratitude and appreciation.” (Sister of donor)

I really wanted to participate again. That sense of belonging when you set off together is so motivating and really encourages you to accept the challenge.”

Transplantoux can count on several sponsors. Furthermore, Transplantoux offers companies and organizations the possibility to include their employees into an inspiring and connecting story about how cooperation and a healthy lifestyle can have an enduring impact on their quality of life. Are you interested? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

We are very grateful to our loyal sponsors and partners for their support! 

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